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Kuntilanak Pecah Ketuban (2018)

Santi must accept this harsh reality. Her husband, Krishna, cheated on her own twin sister, Sinta. Santi's sterility is Krisna's reason for cheating. Sinta and Krisna worked together to kill Santi. Santi was sent to hell. In the hell's waiting room, Santi meets the hell guarding Devil and sees that the process of her death is used as an ingredient of entertainment and shows for the other inhabitants of hell. Santi also sells her soul to the hell guarding Devil to be able to return to life and take revenge on Sinta and Krishna.

  • Azzam Fi Rullah
  • Alzein Putra Merdeka

  • Azzam Fi Rullah

  • Country: ID
  • Language: Bahasa indonesia
  • Runtime: 15