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Levi Johnston: Don't Move! (2011)

Levi Johnston: Don t Move follows ten years of Lee Andrew and his European travels. As he travels between North Africa and Europe, he photographs men men from all walks of life and this is a behind the scenes log of his travels. As for Levi Johnston, Andrews was the broker who made all of the arrangements for Playgirl nude photo shoot. This is what opened the door for him even though he was not publicly recognized nor paid for making the deal. Yet he soon became a name in his own right and he soon became a requested photographer and he shares his experiences with us whether they be about photographing the Italian Rugby team or other jobs such as LGBT in Poland. Lee is focused and is the kind of photographer and man who is willing to go out of his way for others. His work is beautiful and this is a look at a man that we might never have seen.

  • Lee Giabenelli-Cavitt

  • Language: en
  • Runtime: 155