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Memo (2016)

An ambitious psychiatrist is researching a strange and unique mental state: hypermnesia, first of all because he would like to help his amnesic father. When he finds a patient with hypermnesia, he decides to take him out of the mental hospital at his own risk and study him. An unusual relationship is formed between the two men, which starts to endanger the doctor's career, his marriage and even the patient himself.

  • István Tasnádi

  • István Tasnádi

Release Date: 2016-10-15
  • Country: HU
  • Language: Magyar
  • Runtime: 88
  • Budget: $430,000
Áron Molnár
Áron Molnár
Ervin Seress
Tamás Lengyel
Tamás Lengyel
Péter Lónyai
Haumann Péter
Haumann Péter
Orsolya Holecsko
Orsolya Holec...
Seress Zoltán
Seress Zoltán
Wéber professzor
Eszter Csákányi
Eszter Csákán...